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Join a community of students at Monta Vista High School’s premier business organization. MV DECA, will be hosting its fifth annual Business Boot Camp, from August 1-5, 2016. Throughout the course of the week, students will learn business, entrepreneurship, and communication skills as they discover their own individual strengths as well as the importance of teamwork in a professional environment. MV DECA’s award-winning officers from one of the world’s top chapters will personally mentor and teach students how to write their own business plans. At the end of the week they have the opportunity to present them to real venture capitalists, connecting them to the real business world. BBC also gives the students a huge advantage as it prepares them for high school, their future careers, and DECA’s competitions, with former camp attendees having achieved international recognition in competitions in their freshman year.

A perfect learning experience taking place from August 1st - 5th.

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MVDECA is the premier business organization on Monta Vista High School’s campus. Through an immersion in business knowledge, students are given the opportunity to explore their passions as well as develop new ones. At MVDECA, we foster a close-knit family environment, nurturing a positive atmosphere being one of our prime goals. Beyond the competitive events that DECA provides, we aim to extend their knowledge for application in the real world, through volunteering events and internships.

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    discussions, presentations
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    an unforgettable week
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    water balloon fights!
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    business meetings, pitching
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    case studies, industry data
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    act like a true businessman

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All BBC and DECA members must be taking a business course in order to be elligible (Principles of Business, etc.). We'll see you soon!